I will post all photo of Park Shin Hye that I have. Thanks to all who I saved photos from. I appreciate your kindness to let me share your Park Shin Hye photos. You all brighten up my day. ♥

I will always put your credit on the post.

And I would like to apologize for those who I saved photos from them long time ago. Then when I start this blog, I don’t remember where I get photos from and don’t put their credit.

You can always inform me and I will delete that photo from my blog.

NOTE: Special for The Heirs / The Inheritors

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From sweet-shinhye.tumblr.com AND pakykul.tumblr.com

Thank you ^__^ ขอบคุณค่ะ

more of PSH for Agatha Paris……so lovely :)

credit: Couch Kimchi

more of PSH photos for W

credit: Couch Kimchi

PSH with her friend in USA

credit as in pic. I save them from: first pic from her twitter, second pic from @wintercherub twitter, the rest from @MinhoSsinz twitter


           Park Shin Hye and T.O.P for MILLET.

PSH for Millet

credit: Sportsseoul.com